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Clean office space leads to more productive workers! Who wouldn’t want that! Save yourself and your employees’ time and hire us to do your office cleaning in Bath and surrounding areas. We are more than happy to clean common spaces, kitchens, toilets, wipe clean desk and empty out bins. We could even water a plant or two if you wish! We are experienced in cleaning both open plan offices and small rooms with one desk. Clean meeting room can be a deciding factor in gaining a big client so we will make sure your business makes a good impression.

Offices cleaning Bath


Are you a real estate agency who is looking for a trusted and professional cleaners? Great news! That is us! Sparkling clean property is more likely to rent or sell faster than those in need of a duster and mop! They look more spacious and generally nicer to live in which definitely encourages potential buyers or renters to pick this property. We also offer end of tenancy cleaning service in Bath and surround areas. If the tenant left the property you manage in a terrible mess then we can bring it back to life in a matter of few hours (depending on size and type of mess).


Is your property in generally good condition but it could use a lick of paint here and there? Have the walls been scratched in few places? Skirting boards knocked with the door too many times? Sofa discoloured the wall behind it? If you are not a DIY person then we will happily help with interior refreshing. House will automatically look brighter, well maintained and generally better without straining the home budget with big refurb.

Painting services Bath


Students are hard studying and hard partying people! Both these traits can cause a lot of mess and little time to clean it up. DK Cleaning offers a comprehensive student housing cleaning services in Bath. Clean environment is very beneficial when it comes to learning. This can enhance students’ results. Common spaces can be sometimes overlooked by everyone at accommodation so it is very useful to have a hired cleaner who will make sure it is kept neat and tidy. We are happy to offer some discounts on multiple accommodations.


Do you rent your place to travellers from around the world? If you use portals like AirBnb or or any other site that allows you to rent out your property, then you know how difficult it might be to always get it cleaned on time and arrange the changeover. Thank to our holiday let changeover and cleaning service in Bath you don’t have to worry about your property’s cleanliness score – we will make sure it is always top marks in this area.

Domestic cleaning Bath


Are you working long hours? Kids make mess faster than you can clean? You simply don’t like cleaning? DK Cleaning services doesn’t ask for reason. We ask when and where! Our bespoke cleaning services in Bath and surrounding areas are excellent for those who wish to have their home spotless clean. We are very flexible and can arrange the cleaning to fit around your schedule. We advise to opt for a regular cleaning service as this will ensure your home is kept nice and clean at all times however, we are happy to provide one off services too.


You have enough energy to collect all dirty clothes around the house, separate colours from whites, set up the washing machine, dry the laundry or hang it up to air dry, fold it up in the corner of your bedroom… And this is how far you get? Fear not! You are not alone! Due to popular demand we introduced ironing services in Bath and around to get the load of your shoulders. We are experienced with many fabrics and what temperatures to use with them. “Pinky promise” we won’t ruin your favourite silk shirt!



Even if you keep your home sparkling clean you simply might not have the tools to clean your stone terrace. With our experience and professional equipment, we will do the cleaning efficiently and thoroughly. Cleaning the stones in your garden can save you hundreds of pounds comparing to full replacement. This cleaning is also advised when selling the house. Clean house surrounding can increase the “kerb appeal” and in effect the price too!


Our general cleaning service is perfect for those who need a one off cleaning to bring the sparkle to their place – no matter if it is a single room in your house or a top to bottom spring cleaning. Our cleaning includes standard duties like dusting, hoovering, mopping, wiping clean counters and many more. If you are after more specific cleaning service please check out other subpages and if you still can’t find what you are looking for then please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.